How are faculty notified that a student is enroute to his location?
A popup message will appear with the student's name and the computer also sounds an alert.

How is a student checked in?
Check in students by clicking on an icon in the computer's task bar.  This will display the students that are enroute to this location.  Select the to student and check them in.  Multiple students can also be checked in at one time.

Can we set the allowed travel time?

Yes.  Travel times can be set from 1 minute to upwards of 20 minutes.  The default value is 10 minutes.

Can we set a different time for student personal needs like the restroom or to the locker?
Yes, there is a different allowed time for student personal needs.

Who are students dismissed to?
Students can be dismissed to either a location, like guidance, attendance, administration, media center, etc..... or to individual faculty.

What are "Groups"?
Faculty & staff can be assigned membership in Groups.  Groups are designed for locations like the Guidance Office, Nurse's Office, Attendance Office, Media Center, Front Office, etc....   These are staff members whose regular location is at one of these locations and who has a computer assigned to them.

Can students still get a printed pass?
Yes, individual student passes can be printed.   Paper passes are really not required and are expensive.

Can we print reports?
Yes, there are dozens of reports available.  Reports can show who is out of class, how many passes are issued, which students are getting passes, the reasons, how much class time is being lost and which teachers are issuing passes.

What happens when a student fails to check in?
When a student fails to check in, immediate instant text messages are sent to administrators and security staff at the school.

How does faculty and staff get Student E Pass?
Student E Pass is a web based browser application.  Teachers only need log into

How is school data added to Student E Pass?
Schools can add data either by importing student and faculty data, or data can be added manually.

How is the school administration and school security notified?
School administrators and school security are notified via text message.  Text messaging is faster than an email and generally will reach recipients even when a phone call doesn't.

What if a student is dismissed to a faculty member who is not at school?
This is not allowed.  If a faculty member has not yet logged into Student E Pass, then the faculty person's name will not appear in the list of available faculty & staff.

However if a faculty person is a member of a "Group", like guidance, attendance, nurse's office, etc.... and that faculty person has not yet logged into Student E Pass, then the dismissal will be allowed if any other faculty member of that group has logged into Student E Pass.

Can substitute teachers use Student E Pass?
Yes, substitutes, using the classroom teacher's computer, logs into with their email and password.   Substitutes should be able to dismiss students with less than one minute of training and will dismiss students exactly as a classroom teacher would dismiss a student.

When a substitute logs into, the substitute is required to select which teacher they are substituting for.  This becomes important because if another staff person dismisses a student, they will not likely know who the substitute is, but they can dismiss to the absent teacher.  The substitute will receive the popup notification on their computer.

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